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The Breeze Fan

Breeze Industrial Ventilation Joint Stock Company is Sole Agent and Representative in Vietnam for The London Fan Company Ltd (LFC) products range, based on supplies of London Fan components via Breezax Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore).


Be authorized by The London Fan Company and Breezax Technology Pte Ltd to Breeze Industrial Ventilation Joint Stock Company is imported, manufactured/assemblied and authorized to promote of Breeze fan brand in Vietnam according to the standard and technology of The London Fan Company Group in United Kingdom for 04 countries as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.


The Breeze products are manufactured and followed according to technology and the worldwide accepted standard and Vietnam like BS848, AMCA, ATEX, IEC, ISO9001 and QCVN 04:2009.


Quality / Reputation:

  • Providing high quality products with stability and long-term. The needs of customers are committed with the best service.
  • To maintain, nurture and develop the lasting relationship on the principle of respecting the interests of the parties to create the best quality products.
  • “Service is Our Business” is the company philosophy. Through our experienced and professional engineers, Breeze products is committed in helping our existing and future customers to improve their standards of living and achieve environmental comfort.



Always bring the most practical benefits to customers and partners for long-term sustainable development.



Become a leading provider of ventilation fan for HVAC system in Vietnam and international level.

Bring quality of life better for all members of the system; Contribute to the community and to the society with Breeze Ventilation Fans products.


Yours Faithfully.

Breeze Industrial Ventilation Joint Stock Company.

The London Fan

In 1928, The London Fan and Motor Company was formed by Mr. G. H. Webber and has been owned since by the Webber family. During the early years the company began to manufacture industrial propeller fans and electric motors under the trade name ‘Breeza Fans’ and moved from Charlotte Street in the West End of London to a larger factory in Alfred Place off Tottenham Court Road.


After the Second World War the company moved to Park Road, North Acton and then to the present premises in 1965. The post-war years saw the development of the company into a wide range of ventilating equipment and industrial fans brought about mainly by the take-over of a number of other businesses in the fan trade, one of which became Breezax Impellers Limited. The company discontinued the manufacture of electric motors and its name changed to The London Fan Company Ltd.


Near 90 years, The London Fan Company has manufactured and developed about London Fan’s Products range, explosion proof motor and Breezax Impellers in United Kingdom and providing them in the world market. The London Fan Company has supplied OEM Impellers to the fan manufacturers around the world like Nicotra, Beatson Fan (U.K), Metal Press...


In 1990, The London Fan Company has established Breeza Fan brand in USA.


In 2011, Breezax Technology Pte Ltd is Sole Agent of The London Fan Company products range in United Kingdom for Asia Pacific Region.


The all London Fan products are manufactured and followed according to technology and the worldwide accepted standard like BS848, EN, ATEX and ISO9001.


Yours Faithfully.

The London Fan Company.