Backward Cabinet Fan (External Motor)

KBB-F series are dual purpose fans (standard and smoke spill) they can continuous operate over 0.5 hours when the flue gas temperature reaches 280oC, these fans have been tested by the “National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Test Center”. They are new types for high rise buildings for

the dual purpose ventilation.

Range Size: 200mm – 1250mm

Air Flow: 120.000 m3/h

Pressure: 3.000 Pa

Material: Hot galvanized steel or requested

Motor: IP55, Class F

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    –  Size ranges are from 200mm to 1250mm diameter. Cabinet frame is ALU.

    –  Range sizes from 200mm to 1000mm is made of hot  galvanized steel.

    –  For sizes 1120mm and 1250mm are made of mild steel with powder coated.

    –  The thickness is from 1.2mm to 4.0mm upon diameter.

    –  Accessories: Inlet, outlet flange and belt guard.

    Frame Structure

    –  Channel steel base, not easy to be deformed. Aluminum frame, easy to be installed, strong structure and low weight high quality painted steel plate and cold rolled steel painted with static electronic process can prolong fan life. Fine seam disposition. Low air leakage. The box board is made of foaming technology

    and sound insulation cotton.

    –  Size range from 200mm to 1250mm diameter. KBF-F/KBB-F series are dual purpose fans

    Scientific cabinet design

    –  Save every possible space. Confirm strict tolerance of the parts to meet the precision.

    –  Save every possible space to broaden inlet size which introduces the airstream smoothly.

    –  Motor position and belt length have been arranged without any redundancy.

    –  High quality parts with high reliability.

    –  Human oriented design concept benefits the maintenance work.

    –  Access door designed in both sides and can be opened tool free.


    –  All the impellers are designed highest peripheral speed and high efficiency.

    – The backward curve impeller of KBB-F is made of mild steel, they are welded and epoxy painting.

    –  Stainless steel of impeller can be provided on request.

    –  All the impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 with G2.5mm/s quality standard.


    –   The shafts are made of 45 Cr carbon steel bars.


    –   High quality ball bearings are used in SKF, NSK, Peer. The bearing service life (L10) are over 100.000 hours (L10 >= 100.000 hours).

    Belt and Pulley

    –   Belt: High quality such as Mitsuboshi.

    –   Pulley: Tapper lock with SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC.


    –  220-240V / 380-415V-50Hz

    –  IE1, IE2, IE3 and IE4 Efficiency Classes.

    –  2-speed (Full/Half and Full/Two Thirds)

    –  High temperature motor and double speeds motor (Class H): 250oC/2hrs or 300oC/2hrs.

    –  Explosion proof motor: Class F and IP55 or IP66 with completed ATEX 2014/34/EU and EN 50014, EN 50018 and EN50281-1-1.

    KB Series User's Manual 2020


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    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

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