Inline Centrifugal Fan

The CDF and CDFS series of inline centrifugal fan built-in double inlet double width forward curve of centrifugal fan and are designed and developed on the basis of advanced technology from European. It has the features of high efficiency, low noise, excellent performance, compact structure, easy installation and so on. The idea solution for medium demand ventilation in commercial and residential systems. They are an excellent choice for general supply or exhaust ventilation in HVAC system and clean room applications.

  • Material: Hot Galvanized Steel
  • Range Size: 200mm – 500mm
  • Air Volume: 16.000 m3/h
  • Pressure Range: 850 Pa
  • Motor: IP 54 and Class F

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    • CDF series is standard fan.
    • CDFS series is silencer box to meet the requirements of low noise with foam plates technology.
    • Range sizes from 200mm to 500mm of fan casing are made of hot galvanized steel.
    • High quality parts with high reliability.
    • Direct driven of centrifugal fan.
    • The impeller is made of hot galvanized steel with double inlet double width forward curve of centrifugal in favor of drastically reducing noise.
    • .Aluminum frame.
    • The box of steel plates are made of foaming technology and sound insulation cotton.
    • Low air leakage, easy to be installed, strong structure and low weight.
    • Human oriented design concept benefits the maintenance work.
    • The motor is designed for double blower fan with outer rotor structure and included thermal overload protection. Standard motor range is IP54, class F insulation and operating temperature is from -20ºC to 40ºC.
    • The special motors can be configured through the 3-phase voltage regulator, SCR voltage regulator, inverter and other means of speed, changing to meet system load requirements.
    • Protection to IP55 junction box connection to external, removable terminal block.
    • Easy installation, service and clean.
    • Can be installed outside.


    • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
    • The performance has been tested in accordance with ISO 5801.
    • The sound data has been determined by testing to ISO 13347-2 for acoustic performance.
    • Sound data are determined according to BS EN ISO 5136 – In-duct method.
    • ISO 12759 Fans – Efficiency classification for fans.
    • Installation position D, i.e. ducted inlet and ducted outlet configuration.
    • Dynamically balance according to ISO 1940 with G2.5 mm/s quality standard.

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    Due to our continued efforts to improve product design and performance, Breeze reserves the right to alter any product details specified here without notice.


    CDF Series User's Manual 2020

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