Rooftop Axial Fan

The RSC series are designed for roof installation, and suitable for: General ventilation in factory and warehouse, buildings, shops and industry.

–  Roof ventilation (Aluminum roof).

–  Smoke extraction vertical discharge.

Temperature time classification according EN 12101-3 class H250 or H300/ 2hours

Range Size: 315mm – 1600mm

Air Flow: 195.000 m3/h

Pressure: 1.500 Pa

Material: Mild steel with epoxy coated or requested.

Motor: IP55, Class F

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    –   Fan sizes are from 315mm to 1600mm diameter.

    –   The performance range is from 500 m3/h up to 195.000 m3/h, pressure up to 1.500 Pa.

    –   All casings and motor mounting are made of mild steel, all steel parts are epoxy coated after manufacturing, thickness from 2.0mm to 6.0mm upon diameter.

    –   Roof cowl is made of aluminum or mild steel with epoxy coated or stainless steel upon requested.

    –   Roof base support and protection guard are epoxy coated.


    –   Are imported from London Fan Company in United Kingdom.

    –   High efficiency aluminum aerofoil type. All units are fitted with Breezax Impellers with Aluminum (ALU) blades. GRP or GRN blades can be fitted if required.

    –   The blades are with adjustable pitch angle to optimize the dutypoint. The solidity varies for a wider range of performance.

    –   Hubs are manufactured from fully die cast aluminum alloy as standard

    –   Balanced to ISO 1940 with G2.5 mm/s standard.


    –   Motors incorporated are TEFC (Total Enclosed Fan Cooled) and airstream rated to IEC 34-1.
    –   Standard motors are protected to IP55 with Class F insulation. Operating temperature is from -20oC to +50oC as standard, fans for operation beyond these limits are also available.
    –   Motors are suitable for speed control by frequency inverter, subject to fan selection.
    –   Available specific for your project requirements such as:
        •  220-240V / 380-415V-50Hz.
        •  60Hz: specific to your voltage requirements.
        •  2-speed
        •  High temperature motor and double speeds motor (Class H): 250oC/2hrs or 300oC/2hrs or requested.
        •  Comply with ATEX or IECEx certified motor. Enclosure IP55 or IP66, class F insulation. Fitted with sealed for life ball bearings.

    Performance Data

    –   Manufuactured under a certified ISO 9001:2015.
    –   The performance is tested international standards by BS 848-1:1985 and ISO 5801.

    Sound Levels

    –   All measurements of the sound that the fans generate have been taken strictly in accordance with BS 848-2, test method 1 and ISO 13347-2 for acoustic performance. Sound data are determined according to BS EN ISO 5136 – In-duct method.


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    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

    General description This fan range is specifically

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