Sound Attenuators

TYPE B AND TYPE C cylindrical attenuators have been designed for the purpose of reducing airborne fan noise from the inlet and/or discharge of axial flow fans. They are also suitable for installation on the inlet of centrifugal fans or in sections of ducting remote from the fans, Series B and C cylindrical attenuators are available in sizes suitable for fitting directly to all Breeze axial flow fans.

  • Material: Pre-galvanized steel sheet and fiberglass.
  • Range Size: 315mm – 1600mm
  • Length: 1D and 2D

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    • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
    • Casings are of rolled, pre-galvanized sheet steel with spun end rings incorporating tapped inserts for fixing.
    • Suitable fixing screws are provided with all steel silencers.
    • The absorbent material is acoustic grade mineral fibre with an erosion resistant facing.
    • It is protected and contained by a pre-galvanized perforated steel sheet formed to match the fan diameter.
    • Cylindrical silencers shall be suitable for air pressures up to a maximum of 1000 Pa.
    • Type B silencers may be directly coupled to both inlet and outlet flanges of the fan.
    • When type C silencers are directly coupled to the fan flanges they are most effective on the outlet.
    • Standard silencers are suitable for temperatures from -40°C to 200°C.
    • Standard finish is galvanized zinc coating to BS2989 Z2.
    • Are tested to BS848. Measurements of fan noise are made with and without the silencer in position.
    • Pressure loss for type B silencers is the same as a plain duct.
    • The pressure loss due to the pod is shown on the chart.

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