Why service your ventilation system?

Regular servicing of ventilation systems is vital to ensure they ventilate effectively and efficiently. Servicing helps ensure optimum performance is maintained and thus helps improve indoor air quality, extracting allergens and the moisture that leads to damp and condensation.

Cleaner Air in the Home

Low Noise Ventilation Tranquil Home Good indoor air quality (IAQ) in our homes is a growing issue as more evidence links poor IAQ to health issues ranging from heart and lung disease to cancer. This was recently reinforced by the government’s new Clean Air Strategy. To help provide good indoor air quality to homes ventilation systems need to be cleaned and maintained. We recommend a full service every 2 years with filter changes required every 3-6 months in between. The purpose of a ventilation filter is to filter out microscopic particles like PM2.5 (including fine diesel particulates) dust and pollen so they are not brought into the home from outside. A dirty blocked filter can recirculate these particles into the home adversely affecting IAQ. As well as changing filters, it is important to maintain the whole system including sanitising air valves, heat exchangers and deep cleaning ducting…

Reduce Running Costs

Energy Efficiency Saving Money We all strive to keep the costs involved in running our homes to a minimum and regular maintenance of ventilation systems can help us achieve this goal. If dust and grime builds-up in a system or filters are dirty the ventilation’s overall efficiency will drop. Desired airflow and extraction rates will not be maintained, leading to the fan working harder to try to achieve necessary airflows resulting in increased running costs. It is therefore a false economy to avoid regular maintenance since the cost of creating a comfortable home environment will increase in the long term.

Extend Your Product Life

It stands to reason that a well-maintained product will have a longer life and at Breeze we are committed to designing products that are reliable and built to last. Regular servicing and maintenance is an essential part of the equation. Any whole house system needs its filters regularly replaced and should be recommissioned periodically if it is to provide the airflow and extraction rates that a modern home requires. Dirty filters, blocked ducts or an imbalanced system will all shorten the life of a product.

Quieter running system

A peaceful and tranquil home is a happy, relaxed home… and having a well-maintained ventilation system is a significant step towards this goal. Dirty filters and blockages in the system will create resistance so the motor will have to work harder to circulate the air. As a result, the motor will create more noise and air pressure within the system will increase. In addition, some systems will automatically work harder to maintain a constant airflow and this will also increase noise levels.

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